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When it comes to pest control and cleanouts, Harbor Pest Solutions in Lynnwood, Washington is the company to call.
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Harbor Pest Solutions has the experience, equipment and expertise in mole control to get pesky moles out of your yard. We understand how frustrating it can be to find your lawn full of ridges, holes and bald patches due to mole activity. 

Harbor Pest Solutions is skilled and experienced in this area of pest control, providing you with solutions that will allow you to enjoy your yard and garden again without the frustrating damage.

Harbor Pest Control is professional and responsible . You can always count us to show up on time and get the job done quickly. We’ll clean up after we’re finished, leaving your space ready and safe to use.  

Pest Control Lynnwood, Washington

Are you struggling with pest control on your property? Whether you have an indoor or outdoor pest problem, Harbor Pest Solutions is prepared to assist you and help you regain control. With experience in all types of pest control, from moles to rodents, to ants, Harbor Pest Solutions has the know-how and techniques to effectively deal with any infestation.

Serving Lynnwood Washington and the surrounding areas, Harbor Pest Solutions provides the most effective and long-lasting pest control services in the area. Due to the climate and rich foliage in the area, many pests thrive in the area, causing undue stress and frustration for many property owners. Time and time again, gardener’s efforts are frustrated by mole and rodent damage. Wooden structures are ruined through the work of carpenter ants. Kitchens are made unsanitary and messy by mice.

However, you need suffer through these struggles no longer. Harbor Pest Solutions has the skills and techniques to regain control of your home and garden, removing the pest problems from your life completely. At Harbor Pest Solutions we also understand that pest management must be done conscientiously and without ruining the careful ecosystem of your yard or endangering your family and pets. We use the least invasive processes possible and make every effort to protect beneficial insects and organisms working in your garden.

All of our pest control services include a free evaluation and estimate. We take the time to observe your property and confirm the source of your pest management troubles. Then, we make a recommendation for actions to be taken. Finally, with your approval we work quickly and effectively to remove the problem.

Struggle no more with pest management! Call Harbor Pest Solutions today to discuss the pest control issues you are experiencing and our friendly staff will be glad to help.

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