Mole Control

Mole Control in Lynnwood, Washington

Moles are intrusive pests that invade your yard, destroying your lawn and garden. They can be very destructive, causing extensive damage to your garden, without actually directly eating your plants. How do they do it?

Moles are small, burrowing mammals that are common in the Lynnwood, Washington area and feed on worms and insects. They enjoy healthy soil, rich with grubs and other animals. However, their burrowing activity often cuts through roots and their tunnels create ridges in your lawn. You may also notice small mounds of earth on your yard where the tunnels begin.

Harbor Pest Solutions has the experience, equipment and expertise in mole control to get pesky moles out of your yard. We understand how frustrating it can be to find your lawn full of ridges, holes and bald patches due to mole activity. While some companies prefer to offer treatment by ridding your lawn of the mole’s food sources, we know that this isn’t an ideal solution. The insects, worms and grubs that moles feed on are the makings of healthy, diverse soil. That’s why at Harbor Pest Solutions, we have found a better way to take care of your mole problem. We take special care not to compromise the safety of your family or pets by not using traps. Additionally, we avoid killing the beneficial insects that keep your soil healthy.

Call Harbor Pest Solutions for a free evaluation and estimate today! Our professional and experienced staff will observe your lawn and garden to confirm your mole problem. Then, we will make our recommendations based on our findings. Our staff are experienced, skilled and responsible. Once your appointment has been made, you can count on us to keep it. Additionally, we make every effort to avoid disturbing your landscaping and take care of your mole problem in the least invasive way possible.

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